About the Project


Large, industrial, oil, hot.

Just a few words that usually come to mind when people think of this metropolis. What many people don’t realize are the gems hidden in the city, especially in regards to art. On a bare, industrial street next to a rusty train track only two blocks from an interstate highway lies a building holding studios for over one hundred artists. On the wall of an abandoned building downtown is a mural by street artist Daniel Anguilu. On the side of a highway are larger than life sculptures of American presidents done by David Adickes. The list constantly grows, but these artists and works can be overlooked or hard to find in this complex and busy city.

My blog serves to help expose the diverse artists and exhibitions Houston supports. Many artists use the city as inspiration and their human encounter with the unique urban setting of Houston becomes visible in the presence of narrative seen in the works of art.  My posts will show how Houston has affected individual artists in their work and lifestyle.

Houston is also home to multiple galleries and museums that showcase talented and famous artists from around the world. I hope to  inform my audience of the amazing artwork to be seen in Houston everyday and encourage my readers to experience these displays themselves.


Madeleine Keogh 

Saint Joseph’s University ’15

Summer Scholars Program 

Follow me on Twitter @HtownArt


One response to “About the Project

  1. This is a great project! I appreciate the time you are taking to learn and write about different artists in order to help them spread their messages! Sounds like such a fun experience!

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